Turning 50…..

As I approached turning 50 this fall, with apprehension, I realized it was time to take stock of my life (how cliche) and leave the drama, the pain, the anxiety, and fear of the years past, in the….past. While I dreaded turning 50, I knew with certainty I wouldn’t relive any of the past decades over – none of them. Not my childhood and definitely not my teen years. My twenties were spent in therapy getting over my childhood and my mothers death in my teenage years. My thirties were spent forging my career and relationships and solidifying who I was to be as a person. I found out who I was too be and was looking forward to my 40’s.

My 40’s is the reason I have taken to writing this blog. Partly for cathartic reasons and also to share some of the tips and tools I have been taught and shown over the last couple of years on how to deal with PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, menopause, stress, and step parenting. Ok, when I talk about step parenting, that’s more the cathartic reasoning coming out:)

For 8 years I have been the step mother to 5 kids ( now in their 20’s). The first few years were the most stressful years of my life. I suffer from PTSD now and with that has come some health issues and the usual anxiety and insomnia etc. The last couple of years I have spent trying to heal myself – body and mind. I realize that once you get into your 50’s, its really important to start taking care of yourself in ways that you didn’t think of before. The first one I tried to combat is my insomnia. The reasons I can’t sleep are anxiety – my mind is on a constant loop and because my body aches. At this point menopause is in play as well. I read a lot and found something that I thought my help me and indeed it did. It’s called an ACUPRESSURE MAT. If you have problems sleeping, have aches and pains, anxiety and/or migraines, pls do yourself a favour and grab one. I ordered one on Amazon. I think it was $40.00. It doesn’t matter which brand, I think they are all the same. It has changed my bedtime routine.

I look forward to reading and learning from others.

Whew, my first blog done.

Sleep Well!!


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